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  • I sent an email but i did not have any answers

    We receive a very high number of emails, most of them can be answered simply by reading our extensive FAQ.

    In some case, when we have a high volume of orders, we will prioritize urgent emails, and emails that can't be answered by reading the FAQ.

    It is safe to assume that, if you did not get a reply within 2 working days, then your email/question can be answered by reading the FAQ.

    We apologyze for this, as we are a small team, we put all our effort into shipping as fast as possible and reply to urgent emails.

  • I did not get my tracking information
    We are sending out email with tracking links, in a maximum of 2 working days after expedition. A package is shipped when you can see in your order history the status "SHIPPED"
  • When will you ship my order ?
    Working days are from Monday to Friday. If you place your order before 10AM, we will try to send it the same day. In some rare case it can take a maximum of 2 working days to ship your order.
  • Good to know before ordering

    You order at your own risk.

    - Insure your products with the insurance option that we offer;

    - We are not the one delivering your packages (the postal office does) and each order has its delivery time;

    -  Orders paid in bitcoin / litecoin are given priority.

    Please read the FAQ carefully before ordering or contacting us, it details the general conditions that you accepted when you order from us.

    The contact form can be found in the FAQ.

  • By placing an order with Dutch Orange, you ACCEPT the following conditions:

    You are of legal age in your country.

    According to the laws in force in your country, it is legal to view, buy and receive the products made available on this site.

    Customs duties, local taxes, import duties or state taxes may be payable. These rights and sums are not the responsibility of Dutch Orange. They are the responsibility of the buyer and are their full responsibility both in terms of declarations and payments to the competent authorities and / organizations in your country.

    Dutch Orange declines any responsibility in the event of seizure of delivery by the customs.

    Dutch Orange can in no way be held liable for damage caused by the incorrect, correct or illegal use of its products.

    We do not refund.

    We are not responsible for orders destroyed or seized by customs.

    We are not responsible for packages lost by postal services during transport.

    Dutch Orange only sells products that are legal in the Netherlands. We do our best to stay up to date on the legal status of our products in other countries like. Our policy is such that we do not send products to countries where they are illegal.

    Of course, we may not be aware of certain changes in legislation or new laws. This means that Dutch Orange declines all responsibility for the legality of a product in any country other than the Netherlands. Please check if the product you wish to order is legal in your country.

    Do not abuse our products in any way and do not order if you are under 18 years of age.

    If you have any type of illness or if you are taking MAO inhibitors or drugs, do not use our products. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

    Our products are not intended to treat, cure, prevent, or prevent disease.

    Do not drive or use heavy machinery when using our products.

    Dutch Orange or one of its subsidiaries cannot be held liable under any circumstances for damage or injury caused by the ingestion, use or abuse of any of the products on the site.

    Dutch Orange cannot be held responsible for the actions of its customers.

    We strongly advise against reselling our products in your country.

    We are not responsible for any problems with the police following the resale activities mentioned above

    By purchasing these products, you accept all of the conditions contained in this disclaimer. Dutch Orange does not advocate breaking the law.Vous êtes majeur dans votre pays.

  • Your personal informations

    Our privacy policy is clear: we do not collect any personal data through this website other than information that you voluntarily provide to us. We do not sell, market or make your personal data available to third parties.

  • Who are we ?

    Family business, we produce and send our products ourselves from the Netherlands.

    We are a small team of enthusiasts and want to share our famous products with the world!

  • What happens if my 100% insured order from DutchBlends.org doesn't arrive?

    Don't worry! At DutchBlends.org, we understand how important your order is. If your order does not arrive, and it was 100% insured, you are eligible for a 100% free reshipment. Your satisfaction is our priority.

  • How can I pay for my order?

    We accept Bitcoin / Litecoin / XMR , cards, bank transfers.

    Each option has a cost and a delay:

    - cryptocurrencies offer immediate payment at -15%
    - transfers take a few days and are free

  • I don't know how to pay by Bitcoins / Litecoins.
    There are many guide on internet it will guide you step by step in creating a Coinbase account or else and paying for an order by BTC XMR or LTC.
  • I do not see the payment type that interests me. What to do ?

    Depending on your location, you may not have access to a payment tool.

    To access all payment options, create an account and validate it by clicking on the link received in the confirmation email.

    Once logged into your account, try to order again.

  • How can I modify my order?

    You can modify your order until receipt of payment, by contacting customer service. Thereafter, you will be unable to modify the order.Vous pouvez modifier votre commande jusqu'à la réception du paiement, en contactant le service client. Par la suite, il vous sera impossible de modifier la commande.

  • How can I cancel my order?

    You can cancel your order until receipt of payment.

    Orders awaiting payment or whose payment has failed will be automatically canceled within five days. There is no need to contact us to cancel them.

  • What is the status of my order?

    In order to know more, go to your account, in the order history tab.

  • The status of my order does not change.

    We are a small team, sometimes it takes a long time to prepare your orders ... Thank you for your patience. 

  • The status of my order indicated that the package was sent but now the package is being prepared.

    The error is human. We may have changed the status without doing it on purpose or we may have put a wrong status! If the status is still not changed within 48 hours, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can confirm the status of your order.

  • The status of my order indicated that the payment was accepted but now indicates a payment error / waiting for confirmation.

    Some payments are not automatic. We have to validate and verify them manually. Please wait while we carry out the necessary checks.Certains paiements ne sont pas automatiques. Nous devons les valider et les vérifier manuellement. Merci de patienter le temps que nous effectuions les vérifications nécessaires.

  • What are the shipping times?

    We do our best to send your order the same day, however in some rare cases it may take up to 4 days depending on the volume of orders.Nous faisons notre maximum pour envoyer votre commande le jour même, cependant dans certains rares cas cela peut prendre jusqu’à 4 jours selon le volume des commandes.

  • How can I use a promotional code?

    You can enter your code in the space made for this purpose on the payment page. The codes are not cumulative.

    example: if you have several codes, only one of them can be used when ordering.

    No promotional code can be applied after placing the order.

  • Can I use my code more than once?

    Absolutely ! But beware: the code changes! Go to your account to get the new code automatically created with the new amount.

  • My code does not work.

    Make sure you respect upper and lower case.

    If you tried to use your code on an order that has not been validated, please contact us so that we can update the conditions of validity of your code. Please specify in your message the order number as well as the voucher code.

  • How long is my credit valid?

    Unless a special promotion specifies a deadline, a credit is valid for three months from the date of issue.

  • What countries do you deliver to?

    We deliver throughout the European Union.

  • What are the shipping fees ?

    Shipping costs are free for standard delivery.

    A tracked letter option is available for all orders at a price of € 15

    A letter option followed with insurance and discretion + is available at a price of 25 € for orders up to 143 euros. Insurance fee is 50 euros after that.

    You order at your own risk: we strongly recommend the use of insurance!
    Insurance can only be taken before the order has been shipped. Consider ticking the corresponding box while confirming your cart.

  • Why are the shipping costs for my order not free?

    We always offer free shipping, except for solid mixes, where we are obliged to send the products with the tracking option.

    If you want free shipping, please modify your basket accordingly.

  • What are the delivery times?

    In general, delivery takes between 3 and 21 working days. Weekends are not considered working days. 21 working days are therefore 4 full weeks.

  • Is the shipping packaging discreet?

    Yes, all our products are sent in a discreet letter on which neither the name Dutch Orange nor the address of the sender appears on it.

    We also offer an option for an even more discreet shipment.

  • Do you ship to PO boxes?


    PO boxes should not be attached to the services of a particular carrier (DHL type).

  • Do I have to pay customs duties?

    There are no fees inside the European Union.

  • Which carrier will deliver my package?

    We work with PostNL. PostNL packages are then taken in charge by different carriers. We can't offer you the choice of an alternate carrier.

  • What happens if I am not present when my order is delivered?

    For free shipping, if you are not present during the delivery, the postman should leave your package in your mailbox. If your box is too small, the postman should leave a notice.

    If you have chosen the follow-up option, you will have to go to the post office and sign to receive the letter if you did not collect it by hand when the postman passed.

  • I took the follow-up but the information is not up to date: is this normal?

    Several factors can explain the fact that the tracking information is not up to date (lack of scan, customs, parcel stored pending delivery...) Unfortunately we do not have control over the postal services ...

    Attention: the follow-up does not guarantee in any case the good reception of the goods. The follow-up does not give rise to any compensation.

  • I took the follow-up and the delivery time is too long.

    The delivery time is the same, with or without follow-up… Sorry!

  • Under what conditions does my insurance works when I did not receive the products?

    Insurance only works for lost or stolen packages, i.e. packages that have not arrived.

    In no case does it cover packages received open and emptied of their contents, or packages not received and returned to the sender. We do not have a return address: take your precautions to receive the package in person.

  • Can I change my delivery address?

    Contact us as soon as possible if you have made a mistake on your address: no change is possible once your order is prepared ..!

  • Can I specify a phone number for delivery?

    It is recommended to specify a phone number. This is only possible before the you place your order: we cannot provide additional information once the order is confirmed !

    So be sure to enter all the necessary fields when placing your order.

  • Items are missing from my order, what can I do?

    If you ordered seeds and growing kits with other products, two separate packages have been sent to you. One will necessarily have a tracking link and will contain the seeds and / or kits. The other package will have been sent according to the option chosen during your order.

    Each package will have its delivery time.

    If you think this is an error, please do not hesitate to contact us with a photo of the products received and the stamped letter.

  • How to track my order?

    Tracking is a shipping option. Its cost is 15 euros.

    The free shipping option is mailed with a simple letter, no tracking is available if you choose free shipping.

  • What happens if my package is lost or stolen?

    We are not responsible if your order is lost or stolen.

    No compensation is provided, except for parcels actually lost and only if the option of sending with insurance has been selected.

    See the General Terms and conditions for more informations

  • Can I choose a delivery to packstation ? (german customers)

    Unfortunately, we do not deliver to packstation. Do NOT put a packstation address as your parcel WILL NOT reach its destination. You are sole responsible for the end address and no compensation will be offered.

  • Is Dutch Orange legal in my country?

    All our products are legal in the Netherlands. Check the laws in force in the country where you plan to import. Dutch Orange declines all responsibility towards third parties if you import an article considered illegal according to the regulations applicable to your locality.

  • Will your products affect my urine or saliva tests?

    Dutch Orange does not contain natural THC. However, some screenings may indicate its presence. We recommend that you do not use our products if you plan to undergo screening soon.

  • What are the ingredients of your products?

    Ouch ... The composition is secret. Sorry I can't tell you more! Know that we do our best to offer you reliable and quality products.

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